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    Good luck with that.
    I've even resorted to caffeine free tee :-(

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    Caffeine free tea's an affliction in itself, surely?
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    Hi, I'm not too bad thanks. Hope you are doing ok. You still thinking about trying to see Dr Dutton again.Thanks Doug
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    Yeah, I'm not too bad at the moment. I actually started taking caffeine again and it's helped the fatigue a bit :o. Prone to occasional ice pick headaches on it though.

    I saw my GP and said to her I'd like to see Prof. Dutton again and she thought it might not be a bad idea for me. I need to find a more local GP as I didn't change surgeries since I moved house so I'm going to do that then get the new GP to make a referral.

    ;) I don't expect miracles though, am just hoping for some good advise.